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Om Mistra

The world faces major challenges associated with our environment, human use of natural resources and our impact on our surroundings. The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra) plays an active part in meeting these challenges by investing in the kind of research that helps to bring about sustainable development of society. This is done by investing in various initiatives in which researchers and users make joint contributions to solving key environmental problems.

Possibilities within Mistra

Every year, Mistra invests a sum of around SEK 200 million in various research initiatives to build bridges among academic disciplines, as well as between research, on the one hand, and companies, public agencies and other stakeholders on the other.

The purposes of Mistra´s investments are to:

  • Create strong, world-class research environments. For research to result in benefits, consistently high quality is a crucial requirement.
  • Solve key environmental problems. Many environmental challenges are complex, and new solutions call for research of strategic importance combining varied knowledge and approaches from a range of different areas.
  • Strengthen Swedish competitiveness. Companies, public stakeholders and other users should develop new products, services and working methods that contribute to employment, and the initiatives are also intended to make Sweden a good place to live in, in a broad sense.
  • Be valuable to users. The results should contribute to efforts to bring about sustainable development. Users and other key people involved in ensuring that research is put to practical use therefore participate in the research.

Requirements for Mistra

  • Applicants must be researchers from various academic disciplines, Swedish companies, public agencies, legislators, international negotiators and NGOs, can all participate in Mistra’s research initiatives.
  • Researchers and users from countries other than Sweden can participate in cooperation with Swedish researchers and users. However, the initiatives are always centred in Sweden.
  • The funding amount and demand for self-financing varies from call to call.
  • Researcher financed under Mistra must apply ‘open access’.

Kommende deadlines

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